• Typewriter


    I’d like to thank the Academy…

  • Cute Couple

    Cute Couple

    Ain’t love grand!

  • Nose Glasses

    Nose Glasses

    Did the nose come with those glasses?

  • Fishing


    Because nothing says “fishing” like chinos and loafers. Happy Birthday.

  • Eye Exam

    Eye Exam

    Nailed it. License renewed.

  • Party Started

    Party Started

    I’m serious. Let’s get this party started.

  • Come To Think

    Come To Think

    Come to think of it, I did forget your birthday.

  • Wallflower


    Despite what others thought, Susie was no wallflower.

  • Come Back

    Come Back

    Come back, I miss you.

  • Leather Bomber

    Leather Bomber

    Throw on your leather bomber, it’s time for cocktails!

  • Overalls


    Just so we’re clear, you’re wearing wool plaid overalls.

  • Oh Dear

    Oh Dear

    Oh Dear, doesn’t she know no one’s listening?

  • Handsome Devil

    Handsome Devil

    Happy Birthday, you handsome devil.

  • Collar


    I’m sorry, could you repeat that? I couldn’t hear you over my collar.

  • Winter Coat

    Winter Coat

    Winter Coat. Check. Winter Gloves. Check. Broom. Check.

  • Nutjob


    Happy Birthday to my favorite nutjob!