Hello!  Hmmm….a little bit about me…where shall I begin?  Well I guess I could start with how A. Dub Designs came about and the inspiration that drove me to start this endeavor…that makes most sense.

A. Dub Designs is an homage to my late dad and aunt…two of the goofiest people I’ve ever met.  My aunt always managed to find the funniest card for any occasion and my dad, well, he was just plain funny.  While sifting through hundreds of hilarious old photos one day, I realized they needed to be shared so I could help pass on their love and laughter.

So these cards keep in line with my dad’s dry and clean wit, peppered with a little of my own homegrown silliness.  They aim to make you laugh and share—because nothing beats receiving an actual card.  And absolutely NOTHING tops a card that makes you laugh out loud.

Enjoy the cards and be sure and tell me what you think, I’m all ears.